Hyrdroform tooling under construction at Mold Tooling Systems

Mold Tooling Systems (MTS)

Tooling to shape the world

Since 1995, MTS has gained respect for not just plastic injection molds, but for hydroform, thermoform, vacuum form, inlay, and die cast tooling. As a world-class tool builder, MTS has prided itself on being able to provide the right tooling by working hand-in-hand with customers from design to delivery.



MTS designs, builds, re-engineers, and services an assortment of mold tools, specializing in:

  • Hydroform
  • Plastic injection
  • Compression
  • Thermoform
  • Die cast
  • Tube forming dies

For more information about our molding capabilities, please visit our Mold Tooling page


On-Site Equipment and Staff

The more you can do under your own roof (in MTS's case, under a 16,000 sq. ft. roof) increases your power of control over costs and timing. This power allows us at MTS to pass savings on to our clients.

  • 2 - Overhead Cranes
    • Capable to handling up to 20-Tons
  • 4 - High-speed CNC mills
    • With travel up to 84" x 120"
  • 1 - 300-Ton Dake Spotting Press
    • Handling up to 61" x 115" tube forming dies
  • In-house project managers, estimating, tooling engineers, mold builders, and administrators

For a detailed list of our on-site equipment, please view our equipment list below.

MTS Equipment List MTS Equipment List (106 KB)


Tooling Systems Group Connection

As a member of TSG, MTS has access to resources that bring better quality to its customers with:

  • Increased buying power through centralized purchasing
  • Increased efficiency and capacity
  • Shared knowledge of best practices and processes
  • Vertical integration for a seamless project from start to finish

To learn more about the benefits and capabilities of the group, visit our Why TSG page.

MTS Hydroform Tooling and Parts

Lower half of an engine cradle hydroform tool, with final part, that was engineered and built at Mold Tooling Systems.Cavity molds for an Mold Tooling Systems exhaust hydroform.Close up of a Mold Tooling Systems hydroformed frame component.Docking rod on an Mold Tooling Systems steel tube hydroform tool.An Mold Tooling Systems hydroform tool under construction.In our 300-Ton Dake spotting press, a Mold Tooling Systems steel pipe preforming die runs off parts.
Engine cradle hyrdroform tool made at Mold Tooling Systems.A mix of engine cradle, exhaust, and frame hydroform pieces.An Mold Tooling Systems steel hydroforming tool.

MTS Plastic Injection Molds and Parts

Close-up of a plastic door trim piece and Mold Tooling Systems lower mold with date stamp.Door trim parts on their plastic injection mold made by Mold Tooling Systems.Plastic door trim pieces next to diamond polished upper mold by Mold Tooling Systems.A series of plastic injection automotive trim and accent pieces made from tooling by Mold Tooling Systems in Grand Rapids, MI.A chrome plated, plastic injection emblem made from tooling by Mold Tooling Systems.Automotive chair handle made from a Mold Tooling Systems plastic injection tool.
Plastic faux wood shifter accent piece made from tooling by Mold Tooling Systems.A couple of plastic shifter knobs that Mold Tooling Systems has built tooling for over the years.A plastic injection, automotive inner structure part made from tooling by Mold Tooling Systems.

MTS Die Cast Parts

Die cast and plastic parts for an automotive center console and instrument panel. Tooling for these parts were made by Mold Tooling Systems.A mixture of some die cast and plastic parts made with tooling from Mold Tooling Systems.Die cast window component and parts made from tooling by Mold Tooling Systems.

MTS Equipment

10-Ton overhead craneMold Tooling Systems 16,000 sq. ft. facility on the Northwestern edge of Grand Rapids, MI.20-Ton overhead crane300-Ton Dake spotting pressCincinnati Horizontal Mill with 84in. x 120in. travel.Haas VMC40 CNC Mill with 26in. x 40in. travel
Sharnoa CNC mill shown machining a water pump housing.3 Willis Microcut vertical mills

Tooling Systems Group
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3DM Source
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Ultimate Gaging Systems
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General Manager
Hot Stamping Tooling System 555 Plymouth Ave. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505
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