• 5-axis CNC Machine

    May 2016 Advanced Tooling Systems add a 5-Axis CNC Machine

  • Dual Ram Press

    In November 2010 is when ATS found GG1; ATS knew it would be a great asset to TSG. GG1 the largest press owned by TSG. This dual ram press, adds press time to continue turning out dies, while able to make sure that all tooling is working flawlessly before it leaves TSGs facility.

  • Perfecto Coil Feeder


    Max. Stock Thick: .375” (9.525 mm)

    Max. Stock Width: 72” (1,828.8 mm)

    Max. Speed 720 IPM

    X Width: 10” (254 mm)

    X Thick: .140” (3.556 mm)

    Coil Weight: 38,000 lbs (17.2365 kg)

  • Hot Stamp Press

    HTS designs, builds, reengineers and services hot stamp tooling, including prototype tooling as well as Hot Stamp R&D. Read More..

  • Stamping Dies

    From deep draws, to complex extrusions, to tricky over bends, you can feel confident in the TSG's experience to get you the tools you need to make your parts.

  • Mold Tooling

    Plastic injection, hydroform tooling, die cast tools, thermoform / vacuum form tools and trim dies; the TSG offers more solutions than your average tool shop.

  • Assembly Systems

    As a full system integrator, the TSG can fully automate your production line or make your assembly centers more efficient and user friendly.

  • Steel Plate Fabrication

    When you need heavy-duty, robust construction for your application, our steel plate is the answer. The TSG's streamlined process will get your product to your door before you know it.

  • Contract Machining

    Don’t have the capacity to machine a part in-house? Let the TSG's experience from general milling work to precision machining and fabrication increase your capabilities.